senior trader
Trading binary options over than five years, and is no longer seeking to win the so-called trading rules, also can calmly breakeven traders may be referred to a senior trader. Because there is no profit must be a so-called theory of rules and the future price of commodities is always an unknown, profitability is the probability of the problem rather than the inevitable result. In particular an investor, also has a variety of ways to find a theory of victory, especially want to learn to win the so-called theory of others, in fact will be no work.
The more experienced traders fear the market will be more and know what the future is expected to uncertainty. And some senior traders encounter is not the lack of theoretical knowledge, too subjective, trend analysis does not meet the economic rules and other issues, but often too heavy psychological pressure before the transaction, and will often think of a concept to its own veto. Senior traders often want to especially perfect deal, but if a mistake trading results will accumulate more pressure. Senior traders in many cases are subject to their own mental activity. Thus, a senior trader should establish model a transaction, and with strict discipline, and too frequent mental summary it will reduce transaction success rate.
Fund management and transaction management are equally important. They will determine the execution of a senior trader of various transactions. Any successful trading model, there will starting with capital, transaction amount, a number of daily trading volume of factors. Humans in trading the most vulnerable place, is often in the focus on money when mental activity. Thus, senior trader should manage their account balance, and stabilize the amount of their own transactions. Once the fear of not dare to trade or because of trading errors, and always wanted to increase funding to the short-term profitability to the psychological situation, will lead to their own trading.
One hundred investors drawn chart will be a hundred ways, especially for shorter periods. Because whether a commodity at any price, there will be bullish and bearish different views. When supply and demand of funds in bullish dominant commodities will go up, this is a decisive factor in the future of commodity prices. Therefore, the long period of golden, will predict the probability wave theory, and so the average will be higher than the short period. When the prediction does not match actual trend charts and you draw does not mean you are wrong, only that the majority views the current market environment and the funds differ from yours and they acted transaction and consistent with your investment It may most watching. When inconsistencies, you should stop your transaction, and re-analyzed in order to redraw the chart with the current trend, thereby increasing the probability of profit. In any case, the market trend is everything, the inverse analysis of the market does not make any sense.
Any one theory, indicators, charts can not always predict the success of the market price, and therefore will have indicators deviate from happening. Only by a single investor trading analysis proceeds, it is bound not have a particularly high probability of profit. But if too much reference to the theoretical, excessive use of indicators and charts, it will cause can not be all theory, indicators, charts are the same circumstances, some bullish, some bearish situation appears. Because sometimes the market trend and some charts and indicators consistent, and sometimes other charts and indicators consistent. We should delete selected several more suitable for their own analysis tools, when these tools do not effectively predict the market price, the best way is to cease trading or find these tools and other items consistent, rather than continue to deny yourself or to find the so-called “more correct”
Many traders in the period of time after the transaction, the transaction will decrease enthusiasm and hope to find a place of artificial intelligent trading tools to trade transactions, in particular the rapid development of artificial intelligence, so that many investors feel EA trading is more suitable trading. But even if artificial intelligence can not deal EA has led the transaction must be profitable. Profit performance regardless of the probability of an EA in the past is how much, even 99.99%, and do not represent the future will have the same probability of profitability. EA only through certain indicators and past transaction history data prepared by the procedures, which in the past to predict the daily work of chess or some kind of fixed pattern will be more advantages than humans, but once the future is unknown, these tools will not have good adaptability. EA arises because traders need a certain period of time based on the idea that they are dealing transactions automatically thereby reducing their workload, they will adjust their EA depending on market conditions, in all their transactions, EA’s gravity will only be a small part of the artificial gravity of the transaction, so want a full EA automated trading profit, and will not be achieved. The most simple logic is that if EA’s EA provides 100% profit, he would use this EA in the financial market has become the world’s richest man rather than trafficking or provided free of charge to other traders.
In stock, futures, foreign exchange and other trading areas right transaction theory has the upper hand against the market and trading is not desirable, because the market moves opposite transaction implies a small profit burned, and the price rebound is particularly difficult to grasp. But the binary options trading, although in most cases also suggest investors to the right side of the transaction – momentum trading, but not all options are suitable for the right side of the transaction, particularly short cycle options. The left side of the transaction – high sell low residue in short periodic binary options trading has been in place, based on binary options less than the price of a non-profit to determine profit and loss. For investors to take advantage of the right of trading tradition, the establishment of long-period option than the probability of short-period options to profit big.
Some investors buy high-yielding currencies in bank deposits linked to class, and also know the high interest deposit currency is a conventional range of currency options. Binary Options range of options and high-yielding currencies deposit differs very much. The deposit is a high-yielding currencies unlimited risk but conventional fixed income options, when the product at a lower rate fluctuations, investors have a higher probability of profit, but once the speed fluctuations and breakthrough range, investors will resulting in levels of leverage risk factor. But the risk of binary options at any time by the investors themselves are controlled.