Rookie trader
When you trade a certain binary options, as long as you have not reached your account transaction limits you can continue trading the same product options or other options products you need. Different options to deal first of all you need to have certain properties of the product understanding. For example, you trade at some point the euro against the US dollar call options, but in the case does not change the price of the pound against the dollar went trading put options, and is not desirable, as the euro and British pound against the dollar most of the time with the same the direction of the trend.
Binary options trading has the lowest capital requirements. Trilt transaction offers three types of accounts, the lowest single transaction mini accounts and standard accounts of the amount of $ 1, the minimum transaction amount experts account for $10. Unlike most binary options traders, Trilt provides a very low minimum transaction limit, the purpose is to allow investors to enter through a lower threshold for binary options trading, rather than encourage investors not to establish a sound under the premise of the analysis of continuous creation very low orders for multiple transactions. Binary Options or the nature of financial products, the future trend will be sequentially regularity of financial products and not completely random. So blindly fair result in your loss probability rising.
Binary options is not a desperate gamble, so the binary options trade has the largest trading limit, in order to protect investors not rational or not the amount of input errors and investors hold more than able to withstand the risk of the option. The current maximum limit of single options with mini account is $ 60, while holding all outstanding options in the amount of $ 100; single option limits the maximum standard account is $ 2000, while holding all outstanding options in $ 400; the largest single option limit expert accounts for $ 400, while holding all outstanding options in the amount of $ 1,000. For higher net worth investors and investors have been trading experience, we will provide a higher limit.
When you trade with digital option, the options price expiration date and time with your transaction price is fully same, than your investment amount will be refunded to the account, you neither profit nor loss, this situation is called Option money option, rather than the price in the option or OTM options.
The price in the option or OTM options, the term derived from traditional options trading. However, different from traditional options trading, binary options are in the price means within investors expect prices led investors to profit options out of the money option refers to the investors expect prices led investors to losses due options. Binary options is completely controlled investment risk option, unlike traditional options over time the way into the price differences and have a great return on investment.
Unexpired option cannot be turned off in advance there is no way to advance billing. Regardless of whether the option will cause your earnings to 99.99%, the options are only calculated investment return after the expiration time. So trading binary options to choose a good period of time is very important, because no matter whether you are favorable trend among the last to determine your options in the price or value depends entirely on the outside due compare prices and transaction prices of commodities, only one touch options are exceptional.
Lack of trading experience for investors, digital options and turbo options are easy than other types of options transactions simpler. Because the longer the time the option expires, the investor needs to reference data and news will be more, the short of the period option  not because of the major data released, often at the time of the sale will determine the intensity of the commodity price movements . Range of options, touch the option, one touch option wins support resistance should be calculated, and therefore not suitable for point not sure of the primary investors.
Binary Options contrast biggest advantage is the integration of traditional financial investment is almost universally popular variety of transactions. For Chinese investors, we also provide China’s stock and index trading for investors. We recommend that investors should be concerned about their own familiar commodity trading, rather than going to choose the level they are completely unfamiliar transactions by product returns. And good habits are the primary investors focus only a few key commodities and not involve too many product.