senior dealer
Trading binary options over five years, and have received formal training in large financial institutions traders may be referred to a senior dealer. The most fundamental difference dealer and traders for the correct knowledge of financial theory objectivity. Dealer like Warren Buffett will appreciate the accumulation of wealth is to rely on good management of their own funds, and because the transaction will not significantly bring their own profit and loss venture capital, and traders only think most of Buffett bought shares rose.
binary options trading based on the Monte Carlo model. Therefore traders to create their own trading models, it should be more of a factor rather than a reference time interval should not be a factor even more trading volume factor. In active trading period, the time factor will be more prominent.
Probability theory for the digital option and turbo options trading is very important, long time trading binary options, profit probability often determines the performance of the investment. In particular, when a plurality of trading binary options products, the probability of interaction of these products for the success rate of portfolio investment also plays a decisive factor.
Most senior dealers have very high probability of judging the strength of the dollar, but not the dollar is strong, all currencies against the dollar will fall, even the highest weight of the euro may not be 100% at some time in the dollar Down. So several currencies against the dollar at the same time, the success rate will be higher, and these transactions are suitable for the euro against the dollar.
senior dealer during commodity trading will predict the strength of the dollar in order to develop trade size and location of the target profit. For binary options trading, the currency short time impact on commodity prices more directly. Therefore, when commodity trading, if a product is inherently rising trend, but the euro against the US dollar has continued to fall, this time to short-term binary options trading will be more need for caution.
One touch option transaction attribute option is ideal for experienced traders, therefore, a master trader for the disk controller and the volatility of commodities are very good. one touch transaction options which can be touched also without touching transactions, senior dealer even do not need to predict the direction of volatility can be traded through the disk understanding.
In the field of trading, senior dealer most confusing thing is there has been some junior trader in a period of time the performance will be better than them, while some traders trading for many years but results are still unable to get rid of loss situation. Throughout the trading field, a lot of people engaged in different jobs, in particular, senior dealer become analyst or trainer are not a trader.  Because during the transaction, the most people do not have take mental ability of trading risk. For  good investors, once no way to calmly face transactions, even the best theory and then experience can not cope with high tension and transactions every second in the profit and loss amount changes. Therefore, no matter what level you are in, you must have a strong heart for trading.
For all investors, we have been highly valued in particular the recommendations of the senior dealer. For trading system, what are the factors that we do not have and cannot cause you to be a better deal, we welcome you to feel free to give us feedback. Because we are friends of the role of traders, so we are very pleased to see customer profitability and has been committed to improving the customer’s trading experience.