Zero Basis Trader
Forex, crude oil, precious metals investment could have been visible physical trading, but subject to several limitations barter: 1. The transaction nominal value too big. 2. difficult to meet investors are willing to deal with you. 3. volatility than stocks and futures are smaller, resulting in electronic trading, has become a financial derivatives trading
Binary options trading is the future price change forecast transaction. Two factors related to time and price trend is expected sometime in the future if the expected foreign exchange, crude oil, precious metals prices will go up, using the money to buy up, then we can immediately understand the external binary options trading. Instead, we predict an asset will fall in the future, then we use the funds to buy down. Binary Options Trading is so simple.
Profit = the amount of money invested multiply return on assets, a loss = the amount of money invested. This is a general formula for any profit or loss of binary options. As long as the forecast is correct, investors can profit, forecast error would lose money
Expiry time is the result of an option of reckoning time, such as before you bought an option, when the product expires at this point in time if you buy when prices rise, you’ll profit , whereas the opposite
Payout on assets is the current rate of return on your investment options will be available for a transaction. Such as the current EUR/USA payout on assets is 85%, means you put $100 on this asset, will make a profit if the predicted correctly 100 * 85% = $85
The biggest advantage of binary options is that they are not same with stock, futures, forex investment, no need to do preparation for sell or close after open one trade, and no need complex price calculation, when you trade an option, in expire time will automatically calculate your profit and loss.
Because the subject matter of global forex, precious metals, oil, stocks, indices etc. all of them are assets of binary options, therefore binary options 24 * 7 * 365 trading mechanism, unless some very important holidays, such as Christmas
Trading binary options determine the subject matter of financial derivatives, not gambling. Because gambling is a completely unpredictable in nature, in addition to the subject matter of playing cards, dice, roulette . The core of trading binary options is the same like trading stock, futures, forex. All are forecast future movements of financial products, and for policy transactions rather than depend on blind luck.